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Calcium ascorbate

Our calcium ascorbate is an important source of vitamin C which is more easily absorbed and supported than vitamin C. It is the non-acid form of vitamin C.

Good for

Collagen production and antioxidant

Found in

Peppers and chillies, papaya, guava, kiwi, citrus fruits (lemons, oranges, etc.), broccoli, cabbage, spinach, strawberries and many fruits.


Vitamin C in its conventional form of ascorbic acid can irritate the digestive tract. The buffered form of vitamin C, calcium ascorbate is more easily absorbed and provides better deliverance of the action of vitamin C in the synthesis of collagen.

Scientific evidence

Vitamin C (in the form of calcium ascorbate) combined with (hydrolyzed) marine collagen and hyaluronic acid fosters the rapid and optimum absorption of these structural elements within the body. This helps the body to restore and support the structure of the skin while reducing and diminishing the visible signs of skin ageing (wrinkles and fine lines) and improving the skin’s elasticity.

Research by numbers

Number of studies
Alternative name
Vitamin C buffered
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