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Vitamin B2

Our vitamin B2 or riboflavin is a good natural antioxidant and a vitamin that proves to be more effective in the presence of other B group vitamins and/or magnesium.
Dose: 1.87mg/capsule

Good for

Energy and metabolising iron

Found in

Egg yolk, brewer's yeast, dairy products, fish, meat, whole grains.


Vitamin B2 is one of the rare vitamins to be produced in the body by gut bacteria. But this production does not cover its needs and must be supplemented by daily intakes.

It helps:

  • to provide energy
  • with the good functioning of the nervous system
  • to maintain skin, membranes and mucus membranes
  • in the maintenance of red blood cells
  • with the normal functioning of the vision
  • with the metabolism of iron. Riboflavin is needed to use the iron stored in the form of ferritin, and for synthesising haemoglobin

Scientific evidence

Vitamin B2 is often combined with other B group vitamins and/or magnesium to improve its absorption and effectiveness.

In our country, insufficient Vitamin B2 is rare and is only seen in people in cases of malnutrition, in alcoholics or those with a very unbalanced diet.

The daily recommended dose for women is 1.5mg

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