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Amandine de Paepe

Amandine de Paepe

Nutritionist - Biomedicus
Food technologist
CEO - Founder
Founder Nutrimedicine Clinic - Nutritional lead private clinics: mom+ and figur

Julie Van Weehaeghe

Julie Van Weehaeghe

Health & Mindfull expert
Weightloss recipe developer
Co-Founder Nutrimedicine Clinic

Florence Vanneste

Florence Vanneste

Orthomolecular food expert

Nathalie Dumont

Nathalie Dumont


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Our sources

Our sources

When developing the formulations, we really wanted a pure and clean product. We source and produce everything locally in Belgium to have control over the full production chain.

All our formulations are notified by the Belgian Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain. Our Regulatory Affairs - team did an excellent job. As we use unique formulas with different kind of dosages, we were happily surprised that we got our notification immediately, without any feedback to change. We never compromise on the quality and traceability of every single ingredient.

Our scientific team

Our powerteam

You never walk alone, that's why we teamed up with passionate people to help us in every aspect of Insentials. Teamwork makes your healthy dream work. 

Our every day powerteam, in one dosage! 
It takes balls to be a superwoman but passion to be a superteam.

Amandine De Paepe - Insentials

Used and trusted by many women,
of all ages, in all life phases

What our clients have to say !

With my personalised Insentials vitamin plan, I feel more energised and more confident in my skin. And the fact that I get advice from real experts had really helped me in taking this new step to a better me.

Karin - 63 years

With my stressfull job and busy social life, I often forgot to take care of myself. I suffered from sugar cravings, stress and lack of focus and my skin looked blemished. Thanks to Insentials I know exactly which vitamins I need and get them in the right dosage. I feel empowered by this.

Louisa - 28 years

As a young mom I don't sleep enough and didn't find the energy to exercise, although I really wanted to get rid of my pregnancy weight. I also wanted to focus on myself again and start to feel like pre-pregnancy me. I didn't realise how important the right supplements are in this stage of my life, so I'm grateful that with Insentials I feel more balanced again.

Emely, 32 years

Now that I'm in my forties I noticed that loosing weigth is not that easy anymore. I see more wrinkles and I sometimes struggle with my immunity. I combine my work with being a taxi driver for my kids and was ready to feel more like a woman rather than a mom again. Thanks to my personalised Insentials Vitamin plan, I'm now an energised mom that takes care of herself.

Anne, 43 years


more energy
after 3 till 6 months intake

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The smart insentials

The smart insentials

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