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Whether you're a businesswoman, a supermum, a housekeeper or a combination of it all, it doesn’t matter. A low metabolism, changes in weight, persistent fatigue, hormonal issues, skin aging: as a woman, you will get to a point to deal with certain ailments. The existing remedies are often reactive. But prevention is just as crucial, both physically and mentally. Screen yourself online and choose the right essential vitamins, without the risk of unnecessary combinations or overdosing. Belgian production. Validated by nutritionist & founder Amandine De Paepe.

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    Every woman needs to preserve her superpowers with personalised prevention. 
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    The mission of Insentials is to help all women to live a healthy and carefree life by filling the nutrient gaps they all encounter. No more worries about deficiencies of essential vitamins, because we got you covered.
    We only sell the truth and being a superwoman starts from the inside. 
  • Science today confirms.
    We are against miracles messages. Together we will go on a journey to a better you . That’s why we developed a 5 "e" holistic lifestyle approach for a sustainable future.

A full plan with the advice from our experts.
Discover our 5 "e" approach to a better you.

Did you know?

Lots of women have a high risk for nutritional deficiencies, eventhough they are eating healthy.
  • Female
  • Vitamin D
  • 77%
  • Folic acid even when not pregnant
  • 84%
  • Iron
  • 96%


Vitamins and minerals are essential compounds for the body. They play an important role in maintaining good health and general well-being. They help in the growth and repair of cells in your body. A little portion of these vitamins are found in foods from the grocery store. Unfortunately, food only rarely guarantees a completely healthy way of life. Preservatives in ready to eat foods, residues of pesticides in fruits and vegetables, viruses,... are taken in without even noticing it. Still few people think about it. That's why taking additional vitamins and minerals play a crucial role in your daily diet.

And on top of that, the female body simply needs more. MORE doesn't mean 20+ different kind of vitamins in low dosages but the right vitamins, in 100% dosage. We go to the essence of your needs.

Curious to find out what you need? It depends on different factors, such as your sleeping pattern, your life phase, your eating habits,... Screen yourself and we will advice you your Insentials Vitamin & Food plan, compiled by our experts.


Our eating behavior should consist of a healthy amount of fats, proteins, fruit & vegetables and carbohydrates. They give our body the necessary energy to bring out this best in ourselves. However, the exact ratios are quite complex and can vary from one person to another. A uniform plan for everyone does not work.

The food truth is that every woman's body is unique and we all have our own specific rhythm & DNA. Therefore, we all have different needs and these needs are changing across our different lifestages. The woman's journey is in constant evolution: menstruation, pregnancy, hormonal disbalances, lack of sleep,... so your eating behaviour should be too.

Which ingredients do my daily meals need? What does intermittent fasting really mean and is the right thing for me? Are carbohydrates good for me or not? How do I digest my food? Can I eat dairy or do I better replace it by a plant based alternative? The answers to these questions are not a "one diet fits" all. That's why, after you screened yourself, we also offer you personal food advice and tips & tricks that suit your needs.

Want an in depth food & vitamin analysis
based on your genes?
Shop your DNA test and/or ask for an online consultation with our expert and nutty nutritionist. behaviour

"A long-term approach with guaranteed results, without compromising on the fun & health ! "

Amandine De Paepe — Nutritionist & Food Technologist

University Ghent (BE)
University Lund (Sw)
University Wageningen (NL)

Co-owner Nutrimedicine Clinic

'long life living' vision

Food plan

01. Whole grains, rich in fibres

Carbs are a chain of sugar molecules, so in the end, they are all converted into sugar in your body. Glucose is also our body's fastest energy source. The difference with fibers is that they don't really provide energy, but they lower the glycemic index of food, help with a smooth & daily transit, bind harmful substances like excess of cholesterol, and ensure a full satiety feeling. Only positive things!
We recommend to opt for whole, fibre rich carbs but reduce them after 5 pm, as your energy expenditure reduces at the end of the day (unless you are planning to exercise of course)

02. Solo plant-based fats

Most plant-based fats stay liquid at room temperature, which means that they contain less saturated (bad) fats. Fats are important for your fat-soluble vitamin needs, your source of body energy but also for your weight management as they give you a longer feeling of satiety.

03. Combination of plant- & animal protein

Since most essential amino acids are present in animal protein sources, we opt for a balanced combination of animal proteins (such as chicken, eggs, lean meat, poultry, fish) and plant-based proteins (such as lentils, chickpeas, quinoa). Therefore we do not opt systematically for a strict vegetarian or vegan food attitude. We feel best when we don't push ourselves into one corner, and whereas personalised advice takes the center.
We recommend: 2x/week 150g fish. 2x/week 100g lean meat. 1x/week 2 eggs. 2x/week veggie/vegan.

04. Omega-3 enriched nuts and seeds

Nuts and seeds contain good unsaturated fats, vit B’s, iron, and are a rich source of proteins. It perfectly fits into our flexitarian vision of reducing meat and integrating 2-3 veggie days / week.
We recommend: daily consumption of min 15g of unsalted variants and up to 25g during fully vegan days.

05. Let food be your everyday medicine

Isn’t it time to think: I will feed my body rather than I will fill my body? Whole, not processed food & botanicals have powerful health benefits.
We recommend to integrate super anti-oxidants such as matcha or spirulina in your everyday plate. But most importantly, listen to your body and mind. If you feel you are in ‘overload modus’ choose detoxifying veggie powders such as rammenas. There should be more than salt and pepper in your kitchen, right? Moreover Superfood powders (such as açai in yoghurt, curcuma/curry on your cauliflower, …) make it more tasteful, colourful & unique!

06. Fruits

You should not eat fruit as much as vegetables, since fruits contain fructose. Fructose is a type of sugar that should get more attention because the metabolic pathway is not in the advantage of your liver. But of course, fruits also contain lots of vitamins, and they are fibre rich.
We recommend to eat 2 pieces of fruit per day, but we advise against eating more than 4 pieces per day. Choose as much as possible the red types of fruit, such as blueberries, raspberries,… but variation in colours remains key.

07. Colour your plate with veggies

It’s as simple as that. The colour of each vegetable makes it unique with each their health benefits. Variation is key!
Green vegetables boost detoxification, as they contain phytochemicals. The red ones contain lycopene which protects against genetic damage. For skin and vision benefits you should rather integrate orange veggies as they contain more alpha-carotene.
We recommend: min 300g/day and min 3 different types of colours/day.

08. Every day power, in 1 dosage. It's as clever as that.

Our essential vitamins every superwoman needs.

09. Eliminate, Exercise and Enjoy

  • Drink daily minimum 1,5l mineral-rich water
  • Exercise daily if possible : min 10.000 steps/day
  • Eat slowly & enjoy without feeling guilty
  • Be kind to yourself & listen to your mind
  • Relax and adopt regular sleeping habits

10. Let's start precision nutrition based on your unique DNA

Insight into your genes ensures that we can estimate how your body reacts to various nutrients such as fats, sugars, ... but also caffeine or vitamins deficiencies. This gives you a better view on your unique body metabolism and indirectly your weight & health goals, to feel at your best!

Shop our DNA test

Every superwoman is unique,
like your food & vitamine genes are.

Test your DNA.


Poor posture, stiff muscles, lack of sleep,... Do any of these sound familiar? Then it is time to exercise smart and happily!

Yes, the beneficial effects of sufficient exercise have been proven more than once. More mental resilience, extra energy and an ultra strong immune system are some of them.

Exercising for 30 minutes every day or 10.000 steps a day, it would be a good start. But how do you tackle it? With your insentials vitamin plan, you will get lifestyle advice and easy and fast workout ideas to help you in your journey to a better you.



In addition to our love for the female body, we also care about the planet. We therefore also consistently strive to reuse materials where possible. That’s why we give you, when purchasing a monthly subscription, a traditional beautiful and reusable pharmacy jar. We also ask our customers to order refill bags online by a monthly subscription to guarantee a good compliance and optimise your health & beauty goals.

We work closely with selected pharmacies & healthcare professionals as our partners in crime, for the best of you and of the planet. Even when your first order has been bought in store, the refill bags need to be ordered online, to avoid overstock in store.

We care for you and the planet.

  • Plastic waste
  • 100% sustainable & ecology
  • 100% better price quality guarantee

It’s important to keep good compliance and daily intake of your supplements for a period of minimum 3 to 6 months.



We are a multidisciplinary team with only accreditated healthcare professionals.

We’re not about pseudo science of half coaches. All formulas are notified & validated by our Regulatory departement.

We only use the best essential ingredients, natural and without any compromise on the quality. Clean label with full transparancy is part of the Insentials’ DNA.

Our experts are also there for you with regular food and exercise advice and to give you the best tips & tricks for a better lifestyle.

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