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9%eat vegetables every day

5%eat fruit

13%eat fish twice a week

Why are vitamins and
micronutrients so important?

Vitamins, minerals and micronutrients are essential for our body to function normally (growth, defence, metabolism, etc.). Since it cannot produce most of them, it must be able to find them in our everyday food. But... due to a lack of balance in our eating habits and our busy lifestyles, this is rarely the case!

So, to give ourselves the best chance for well-being throughout our lives, we have to learn to listen to our body and its needs. And even more so if you are a woman!

A woman should know that to live life’s great adventures to the full, she must make sure that her basic needs are being met every day.

With Insentials, every woman can now do this... with just one action every morning.

So, are you ready to embrace your daily “Me Time”?

The reality check

Intakes too low

For the most part, the intake of vitamins, minerals and micronutrients is still too low in the general population. Not to mention the fact that taking certain medications also impacts your vitamin needs.

It is essential to know your actual needs!

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Most important vitamin deficiences
all women encounter

  • Vitamine D
  • Vitamine C
  • Folic Acid
  • Vitamine B8
  • Vitamine B12
  • Magnesium
  • Iron
  • Zinc
Compared to the average recommended amount
for an adult woman
Early prevention

The problem is that the
symptom is never the cause
but we don't realise this.

We are used to taking medication when we are ill. We treat the symptom, rather than looking at the cause.
Prevention is the future... and health is your power.

Start early prevention
to delay symptoms

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Women deserve to know the real truth


Women have a longer life expectancy than men. That’s a fact! On average, they live up to the age of 86 (85.7 to be exact) while men die around the age of 80 (more precisely 79.8).

Women’s secret?

A stronger immune system which seems to age less quickly than that of men despite high exposure to stress, chronic diseases, depression, anxiety, etc.

Female hormones, a serious biological advantage which protects them from cardiovascular diseases in particular.

A greater interest in health! They pay much more attention to symptoms, keep a closer eye on their lifestyle and are quick to turn to the medical professional when there is a problem.

Natural abilities that certainly play in their favour and encourage them to be more in touch with themselves... at least when they take the time.

  • Naturally efficient
  • 100% Science
  • No bullshit

100% personalised advice is possible today!

As 50% is depending on your lifestyle and the other 50% on your genes.
A question of basics!

A question of basics!

To be healthy and remain so, a woman needs to be aware of her most basic needs so that they can be met in the best possible way, every day. These come down to 8 essential nutrients:
6 key vitamins: vitamin B8, vitamin B9, vitamin B12, vitamin D, vitamin E and vitamin K

One micronutrient: iron

One essential fatty acid (omega-3 type): DHA or docosahexaenoic acid.


Why these nutrients and not others?

Because each of these, on their own and working together, help to support the basic needs of the female metabolism, including supporting the body's defences, tackling the changes related to the different stages of life (puberty, periods, pregnancy, menopause, etc.) protecting the cells from oxidative stress, helping to reduce fatigue and preventing certain health risks, etc.

The correct daily intake of these 8 targeted nutrients can help women to protect their long-term health and live through every female adventure with the best metabolic balance and mental well-being, in all life phases.

Why these nutrients and not others?


Fixed facts
by your genes

Why can my friend eat french fries without gaining weight and I don't?

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Flexible facts by your
lifestyle and lifephase

Do I eat healthy? Why am I feeling tired?
Why do I feel bloated? Where is my libido?

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