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Digestive Health

Notified supplement to improve your digestion and reduce your bloatiness after your meals.
1 month: 30 pills to take in with your meals. 
Belgian production. Validated by our experts.

Love your belly in and outside!

This supplement will help you to reduce your bloated feeling and optimal digestion after your meals. If you want a more personalised vitamin & food plan, screen yourself by filling in the 3'min questionnaire online or ask for real-time advice.

No compromise on quality - 100% validated by experts.

It is recommended to follow the Insentials® cure for at least 3-6 months.

  • Efficacy proven in scientific trials.
  • Insentials® contains pure qualitative ingredients.

Contains pancreatin, bromealin, papayin, lipase, the main digestive enzymes to help with a bloated feeling and optimal digestion.

  • Naturally efficient
  • 100% science
  • No bullshit

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