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DNA kit

An in-depth analysis on how your unique genes react & metabolise food & vitamins, and get a full personalised report.

Know your unique food genes!

Insight in your genes makes it possible for us to estimate how your body reacts on diverse nutrients (fat, sugars, caffeine, lactose, gluten, ...) & vitamins. Test yourself and get an in-depth full report.
Example sample report

  • 100% science
  • 100% personalised
How does a DNA-test work?
  • Step 1: We send you by post a DNA kit which contains the test.
  • Step 2: You take the DNA saliva test, following the instructions in the package and send it to our lab without any cost
  • Step 3: After 6 weeks, we will have the results of your DNA and you will get a printed report at home with your results.

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