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Insentials fat burner

To burn fat, improve sugar metabolism, reduce hunger feeling and digestion in a natural way.
1 month: 30x1 vegan pills to take in with your first meal (or 30' before exercise if you want to stabilise your weight)
Belgian production. Validated by our experts.
Every month your supplements delivered at home, for sustainable results? Screen yourself!


A smile is the most elegant curve on a woman's body!

Belgian notified Food supplement with Green Tea (matcha), L-carnitine, Fucus, Lipase and Chromium.
*Green tea extract supports lipid metabolism.
** L-carnitine helps with fat oxidation.
***Chromium contributes to normal macronutrient metabolism and to the maintenance of normal blood sugar levels.
****NEW *** Fucus & enzymes for an optimal digestion and to reduce hunger feeling.

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no compromise on quality - 100% validated by experts.

It is recommended to follow the Insentials® cure for at least 3-6 months. Long term usage is recommended.

  • Efficacy proven in scientific trials.
  • Insentials® contains pure qualitative ingredients.

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An overloaded liver makes it difficult to lose weight and feels energised.

COMBINE INSENTIALS FAT BURNER (1x/ in the morning) WITH INSENTIALS DETOX BOOST (1x/ in the evening) to optimise your fat burning metabolism. It all starts from your liver. Meet the SMART WEIGHT pack, a complete scientifically validated approach and get 10% reduction.

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  • Naturally efficient
  • 100% science
  • No bullshit

Our eating behavior should consist of a healthy amount of fats, proteins, fruit & vegetables and carbohydrates. They give our body the necessary energy to bring out this best in ourselves. However, the exact ratios are quite complex and can vary from one person to another. A uniform plan for everyone does not work.

The food truth is that every woman's body is unique and we all have our own specific rhythm & DNA. Therefore, we all have different needs and these needs are changing across our different lifestages. The woman's journey is in constant evolution: menstruation, pregnancy, hormonal disbalances, lack of sleep,... so your eating behaviour should be too.

Which ingredients do my daily meals need? What does intermittent fasting really mean and is the right thing for me? Are carbohydrates good for me or not? How do I digest my food? Can I eat dairy or do I better replace it by a plant based alternative? The answers to these questions are not a "one diet fits" all. That's why, after you screened yourself, we also offer you personal food advice and tips & tricks that suit your needs.

Want an in depth food & vitamin analysis
based on your genes?
Shop your DNA test and/or ask for an online consultation with our expert and nutty nutritionist. behaviour

"A long-term approach with guaranteed results, without compromising on the fun & health ! "

Amandine De Paepe — Nutritionist & Food Technologist

University Ghent (BE)
University Lund (Sw)
University Wageningen (NL)

Co-owner Nutrimedicine Clinic

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Used and trusted by many women, of all ages, in all life phases

The strength of Insentials is the science behind it. I trust that you really do get your daily dose of vitamins in 1 pill and that's fantastic.

Marthe - Osteopath - 28 years
Marthe - Osteopath - 28 years Smart advice From smart wowen

Used and trusted by many women, of all ages, in all life phases

I really notice that there is more balance in my body because of Insentials. To all the friends who are in that recognisable mum-wife fatigue dip, I definitely recommend it!

Siska - TV presenter - 39 years
Siska - TV presenter - 39 years Smart advice From smart wowen

Used and trusted by many women, of all ages, in all life phases

I know I'm in the right place with Insentials because there is a high dose of folic acid in the formulas, as well as all the other essential vitamins that are ideal for the pre, post and pregnancy periods.

Gaelle - 33 jaar
Gaelle - 33 jaar Smart advice From smart wowen

Used and trusted by many women, of all ages, in all life phases

As a pharmacist, I think it's essential that you can take one pill in high doses, which will cover all your deficiencies. Insentials looks at your needs in a scientific way and delivers those essential vitamins.

Camille - Pharmacist - 31 years
Camille - Pharmacist - 31 years Smart advice From smart wowen

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