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ANTI-AGING - Hair & Nails


  • 30x 10g collatine shot
  • 10g hydrolysed collaXine with Vitamin C
  • highest hydrolysis degree 
  • glutamine for better absorption
  • 91% absorption
  • zero sugars
  • no sweeteners (liver burdening)
  • keratine precursors: l-cysteïne & l-methionine
  • liver friendly (unique)
  • one dose shot against bacterial contamination
  • 100% recyclable
  • Visible results after 2 weeks 

Belgian production. Validated by our experts. Every month your supplements delivered at home, for sustainable results? Screen yourself!


strawberry taste.

Technical file

DEPENDING ON YOUR AGE, WE RECOMMEND 2 to 5 shots/week. It's a cure for 2 to 3 months. Longterm usage is recommended.

An overloaded liver makes it difficult to metabolise proteins. As collagen is a short chain peptide protein structure, we do recommend to combine with the Insentials Detox Boost to get more than 91% absorption capacity of collagen with visible results on amount of wrinkles IN LESS THAN 2 WEEKS.

COMBINE INSENTIALS COLLATINE SHOT (1x/ in the morning) WITH INSENTIALS DETOX BOOST (1x/ in the evening) to optimise your collagen intake absorption.

Insentials Detox Boost


What is collagen?

Collagen is the most abundant protein in your body. It provides elastic and radiant skin, it keeps your muscles and joints supple, your hair and nails strong.

There are different types of collagen, type I collagen is mainly found in the skin and is the type of collagen used in Insentials' Smart Collagen.

What is collagen?

Smart expertise

It all starts with a clean liver! Stress, pollution, ready-to-eat meals, hormonal imbalances, medication, pregnancy, lifestyle... All causes of the main detoxification organ of our body namely the liver. More than 85% of women suffer from an overburdened liver but are not aware of it. Start prevention and tackle the 'cause' of your symptoms.

Founder and
Amandine De Paepe

About her mission with Insentials

As an orthomolecular nutritionist, biomedical scientist and founder of Insentials, I have been combining my experience and scientific knowledge for years to find the right vitamins for every woman. A great desire to have children, and several miscarriages, made me realise that the basics were not right and I was struggling with deficiencies. After realising that 95% of all women suffer from vitamin deficiencies, I wanted to find a natural and efficient way to overcome these needs and bring out the best in every woman. The result? The Smart Insentials and the tailor-made vitamines that, with their high dosage and no unnecessary fillers, give real results for the first time. For every woman, at every stage of her life. So you too can become the super woman you are!

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"It is my mission to help all women live a healthy and energetic life by replenishing their deficiencies"

Used and trusted by many women, of all ages, in all life phases

The strength of Insentials is the science behind it. I trust that you really do get your daily dose of vitamins in 1 pill and that's fantastic.

Marthe - Osteopath - 28 years
Marthe - Osteopath - 28 years Smart advice From smart wowen

Used and trusted by many women, of all ages, in all life phases

I really notice that there is more balance in my body because of Insentials. To all the friends who are in that recognisable mum-wife fatigue dip, I definitely recommend it!

Siska - TV presenter - 39 years
Siska - TV presenter - 39 years Smart advice From smart wowen

Used and trusted by many women, of all ages, in all life phases

I know I'm in the right place with Insentials because there is a high dose of folic acid in the formulas, as well as all the other essential vitamins that are ideal for the pre, post and pregnancy periods.

Gaelle - 33 jaar
Gaelle - 33 jaar Smart advice From smart wowen

Used and trusted by many women, of all ages, in all life phases

As a pharmacist, I think it's essential that you can take one pill in high doses, which will cover all your deficiencies. Insentials looks at your needs in a scientific way and delivers those essential vitamins.

Camille - Pharmacist - 31 years
Camille - Pharmacist - 31 years Smart advice From smart wowen

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