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The Essentials Vitamins every woman needs. A healthy start, every day, in one dosage. 100% transparent. Unique absorption technology.
1 month: 30x1 pills to take in with your first meal.
Every month your supplements delivered at home, for sustainable results? Screen yourself!

Our Smart Insentials is the female fundament.

This multivitamin contains only nutrients that you really need. Most other multivitamins have 20+ ingredients that are too low in dosage and that you already get enough from food. Ours contains only 6 but in optimal dosage & in a bioavailable form, for an optimal absorption in your body.

no compromise on quality - 100% validated by experts.

It is recommended to take the Insentials® cure every day for long term.

  • Efficacy proven in scientific trials.
  • Insentials® contains pure qualitative ingredients.
  • Formulated for results 
  • Orthomolecular medicinal dosages: > 100%

The Essentials Vitamins every woman needs.

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RI = Reference intake
Warning: not suitable for persons with fish allergy.

  • Naturally efficient
  • 100% science
  • No bullshit


Vitamins and minerals are essential compounds for the body. They play an important role in maintaining good health and general well-being. They help in the growth and repair of cells in your body. A little portion of these vitamins are found in foods from the grocery store. Unfortunately, food only rarely guarantees a completely healthy way of life. Preservatives in ready to eat foods, residues of pesticides in fruits and vegetables, viruses,... are taken in without even noticing it. Still few people think about it. That's why taking additional vitamins and minerals play a crucial role in your daily diet.

And on top of that, the female body simply needs more. MORE doesn't mean 20+ different kind of vitamins in low dosages but the right vitamins, in 100% dosage. We go to the essence of your needs.

Curious to find out what you need? It depends on different factors, such as your sleeping pattern, your life phase, your eating habits,... Screen yourself and we will advice you your Insentials Vitamin & Food plan, compiled by our experts.

Why choose a subscription?

Why choose
a subscription?

A personalised vitamin plan provides a complete approach to your needs and deficiencies, but you also enjoy these benefits:

  • Carefree every month your vitamins at your doorstep
  • Free pharmacy jar
  • Free advice from our nutritional scientists
  • Free monthly healthy recipes
  • Stop, pause or change your subscription free of charge and whenever you want
  • Secure payment, monthly shipping
  • Access to our academy with lots of tips & tricks to garantuee long term results

Used and trusted by many women, of all ages, in all life phases

The strength of Insentials is the science behind it. I trust that you really do get your daily dose of vitamins in 1 pill and that's fantastic.

Marthe - Osteopath - 28 years
Marthe - Osteopath - 28 years Smart advice From smart wowen

Used and trusted by many women, of all ages, in all life phases

I really notice that there is more balance in my body because of Insentials. To all the friends who are in that recognisable mum-wife fatigue dip, I definitely recommend it!

Siska - TV presenter - 39 years
Siska - TV presenter - 39 years Smart advice From smart wowen

Used and trusted by many women, of all ages, in all life phases

I know I'm in the right place with Insentials because there is a high dose of folic acid in the formulas, as well as all the other essential vitamins that are ideal for the pre, post and pregnancy periods.

Gaelle - 33 jaar
Gaelle - 33 jaar Smart advice From smart wowen

Used and trusted by many women, of all ages, in all life phases

As a pharmacist, I think it's essential that you can take one pill in high doses, which will cover all your deficiencies. Insentials looks at your needs in a scientific way and delivers those essential vitamins.

Camille - Pharmacist - 31 years
Camille - Pharmacist - 31 years Smart advice From smart wowen

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