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FAQ - Amandine


Are Insentials supplements effective & safe?

Absolutely! All Insentials® are validated & notified by local authorities for safety & best quality. Moreover, our complete Insentials® range is supported by experts. We encourage you to always be careful when buying supplements because not all supplements are safe and they could even induce side effects to your body. It’s important that supplements come from notified laboratoria, like ours.

How long do you have to take supplements before notifying results?

In contrary to rather aggressive medication with immediate results, with supplements, it’s absolutely recommended to be compliant and take a cure of at least 3 - 6 months.
See your health as your long-term partner, it is important to keep taking your daily vitamin intake to avoid long-term deficiencies. Maybe you don't immediately feel a difference? This is absolutely normal! It is a preventive approach. Do not wait for the ailments to start, but start as early as possible. Tip: use your pharmacy jar in a place where you will not forget your daily dose of vitamins.

Do I need to take supplements more than one month?

Yes! As vitamin deficiencies in your body can occur for a while without you being aware of it, it will take a certain period to reload your reserves. That's why we recommend a minimum cure of 3 to 6 months. A little helpful tip: start with a new morning routine and take your vitamins every morning in your kitchen. At Insentials, you can get a nice pharmacy jar to that you can put your vitamins in sight, so you don't forget to take them.

Are the Insentials supplements safe for pregnant women?

Yes, they are entirely safe for pregnant women. Our smart Insentials are also highly recommended during pregnancy because of the amount of Folic acid it contains.

Are the Insentials supplements also for men?

Yes, men can also feel like a superwoman.

What form of the mineral magnesium does Insentials use?


Why is Vitamin D so important?

Even though your body can produce Vitamin D from the sunlight, 90% of the people still has deficits? That's why you can find Vitamin D in our Smart Essential vitamin.

Does my DNA change?

Your DNA does not change, so it's a one time cost.


If I take medication, does that have an impact on my nutrient gaps?

yes, it can have an impact, in the questions below, you can read our recommendations

I take antacids, which nutrients should I take?

We strongly advice to take Magnesium and Vitamin B12. They can be found in our Energy Boost & Smart Insentials. Screen yourself

I take blood sugar lowering agents, which nutrients should I take?

We strongly advice to take Vitamin B12. It can be found in our Smart Insentials. Screen yourself or go to the shop.

I take anti-conception, which nutrients should I take?

We strongly advice to take Magnesium and Folic acid. They can be found in our Energy Boost & Smart Insentials. Screen yourself or go to the shop.

I take cholesterol lowering agents, which nutrients should I take?

We strongly advice to take Coenzym Q10, to prevent muscle cramps. It can be found in our Energy Boost vitamins. Screen yourself

Personalised plan

Can my personalised plan change?

Yes it can, your personalised plan is based on your personal needs, lifestyle and lifephase. If any of these change, we recommend you to let us know and / or fill in the online screening again, so that we can adapt your plan accordingly.

Do I need to repeat the online screening when I reorder?

No, you don't. We keep your info securely for us only. You only need to repeat the screening if there is a change in your needs, lifestyle or life phase or if you think you have other deficiencies. If you any questions, you can always contact us for real time advice.

Can I buy a DNA test to get a more in depth screening?

Yes, in our shop you can also find a DNA test. We will ship it to you, you can then take the test by following the instructions and send it back for analysis. We will then contact you to discuss your results and make up your vitamin plan, but also food plan. Be aware that it takes minimum 6 weeks before you get the results

Is 100% personalised advice possible?

Yes, as 50% is depending on your lifestyle and the other 50% is determined by your genes.
For example: Why can your friend eat french fries without gaining any weight and I can't? This depends on your genes.
For example: If you don't want to skip your glass of wine in the weekend, this is a lifestyle factor we need to consider in your plan
Also ask real-time advice from our nutritionist.

Which factors are examined in the online screening?

The online screening will give us a better view on your health & beauty prio's as the questions are directly related to certain organs & your lifestyle.

When do I see and feel results?

We recommended to start a cure for at least 3 to 6 months to get optimal results.
The big difference between a medication and a supplement is that medication blocks the process; therefore side effects occurs. Supplements modulate processes in your body which is less agressive. Therefore it is absolutely normal that you feel less the results but on long term the journey to a younger you will in your great avantage.

Do the products stop working after a while?

They will stop working if your stop taking them.

Which ingredients does Insentials use?

You can check all ingredients and their advantages here

What is the expiry date of the products?

They can be kept in a dry and cool place for at least 48 months if unopened

What does personalisation really mean for Insentials?

Insentials wants to know your needs, your lifestyle and your lifephase, to give a plan that fits you. And next to that, we also give you advice on food and lifestyle. The online screening will learn us what you need and why you need, so that we can offer you your personalised vitamins and advice. And we go even further than that, because you can always talk to us for real time or online advice. Does it get any more personal than this?

Product usage

How often do I need to take my vitamins? What is the serving size?

We recommend to take them on a daily base, in the morning. Take 1 dosage a day.

Can I use Insentials in combination with other supplements?

You can - unless you have been told otherwise by your medical provider. With Insentials we offer you a balanced plan, that will give you the vitamins and minerals you need. If you however do want to combine, be careful because not all supplements are safe and they could even induce side effects to your body. It’s important that supplements come from notified laboratoria, like ours. It is important that you also keep in mind that your food intake and your exercise level plays an important role. That's why we also offer advice and tips & tricks on those levels.

I am allergic to certain ingredients, is insentials suited for me?

If you have a fish allergy, we do not recommend you the smart insentials as we use premium omega 3 fatty acid.
For other allergies, please ask your doctor.

Can you overdose the supplements?

Of course, we do not recommend you to increase the daily recommended dose, as we use already high dosage per micronutrient.

Do you have to take the supplements with your meal?

Not necessarily but we do recommend to take them with a meal, in the morning, unless it is indicated differently on pack.

What does RDI on the packaging means?

RDI means the recommended daily intake, the average of recommended intake a day of one specific nutrient.

What happens when a product has passed the expiration date?

If the product has past its expiration date, the amount of the vitamins and minerals may have decreased. Also, as a manufacturer, we can no longer guarantee the quality and safety of a product after the expiry date.

What if I forgot the take my vitamins?

We suggest you to take your vitamins on a daily base, at a regular timing (in the morning, in your kitchen for exemple). If you however forgot to take them, there is no need to take a double dose the next day.


What makes Insentials® different?

The mission of Insentials is to help women to become the best version of themselves.
We only sell the scientific truth and being a superwoman starts from the inside.
Insentials is your partner for a more balanced lifestyle.

Screen yourself and get:

  • your personalised Insentials Vitamin & Food plan
  • food tips & advice from experts that match your vitamin plan

100% Natural - 100% Science - No bullshit
Only the best ingredients and no additives.

What does Insentials mean?

Insentials are essential vitamins for the inside because female vitality starts from the inside.
The logo with the 5 dots is carefully created because we have a 5 "e" long life vision for a better you. Read more about our story

Where does the idea for Insentials come from?

In my practice I noticed that a lot of people suffer from symptoms that can be explained by a deficiency of certains vitamins and minerals. And also from the believe that prevention is a the first step in healthcare. At Insentials we are convinced that feeling good starts from the inside out and that prevention is crucial for a healthy lifestyle.

Personal & real-time advice

How can I get in touch for personal and real time advice?

You can book a slot on our website or email us to schedule an online appointment.

If I have a blood analysis from my doctor, how can I get your advice on the results?
How does real-time advice work?

Leave your contact details or plan an appointment on our website. We will schedule a zoom or whatsapp video call to answer all your questions and give more in depth personal advice. We do ask you to first fill in the online screening and/or send us your blood results if you have had them analysed by your doctor, but this is absolutely not mandatory.


Why a monthly subscription?

Because it is important to see your health as a longterm journey/partner. Taking supplements is as important for your health as a balanced diet, good sleep and some exercise. We advise a cure of at least 3 tot 6 months to have the best effect on your health prevention.

How does the subscription work? Can I stop anytime?

The subscription comes without any engagement and there are no annulation costs. You stop, pause, change your plan at any time. Please inform us 14 days in advance.

How can I restart my subscription?

Of course, go to your login page and restart your subscription.

How can I stop my subscription?

Go to your login, and stop your subscription.

Payment methods

We support most online payment methods. For the subscriptions we however only accept payments with credit cards cartes and SEPA direct debat on your bank account.

Problems logging in to your account?

If you don't succeed logging in to your account:

  1. Check if you are using the right email address.
  2. If that's the case, choose the option "forgot password". You will then receive an email to choose a new password to log in.


How long do I have to wait for my results?

After 6 weeks, we will have the results of your DNA and you will get a printed report at home with your results. Afterwards we will contact you and translate the analysis into practical information for you to work with.

What information can I get from analysing my DNA?
  1. What type of food is good for you
  2. How much can you eat and what is good for you to eat, to get a saturated feeling
  3. How does your body react on a certain nutrients? (carbohydrates or fats)
  4. Which type of fats are best for you?
  5. How does your body react on gluten?
  6. Are you sensitive to salt?
  7. Do you need to take extra Vtamin B12?
  8. How does you body react on caffeine?


Where do you ship to?

We ship in Europe.

What is the value for money when buying Insentials?

After filling in an online screening, you get a personal recommendation for a vitamins plan based on your needs, lifestyle and lifephase. Next to that you get personalised free food advice and lifestyle tips. You can alse have an intake or follow-up consultation with our nutritionist and CEO, Amandine De Paepe. Along with your order, comes a pharmacy jar to stock your vitamins, when you take a monthly subscription.

When do I get a free pharmacy jar?

When you buy an online monthly subscription of your vitamin plan.

Why do I get recommended 3 types of Vitamins?

After screening yourself, we will analyse your needs on 3 levels: general deficiencies, health and beauty essentials. They will all have a positive impact on your needs, due to the ingredients they contain, ensuring a complete prevention plan.

Do I always need to buy the 3 types of Vitamins recommended for me?

No, you can choose to buy only 1, 2 or all 3. And next to that you also go to our shop to check our other vitamins.

How does the ordering process work?

The process consists out of 3 steps:

  1. You fill in the online screening
  2. We recommend you your personalised vitamins plan
  3. You get a free foodplan - after buying

If you have more questions or you want more personal advice, you can always book an appointment to get real time advice by our experts.

How long will my order take?

Your order will be with you within 3 to 4 working days

I lost my gift voucher. What now?

You have 2 options:

  1. Contact us by mail or telephone and tell us who gave you the gift voucher.
  2. Contact the person from whom you received the gift voucher. He or she will have received an e-mail with the code.
Can I give the Insentials Vitamins as a gift?

Of course you can. Though, as the Insentials vitamin cure is personalised, the recipient will still have to provide us with their details themselves and fill in the online screening.

My pharmacy jar is broken. Can I buy it again?

Yes, you can buy it in our shop.


Can I reorder my products 1 by 1?

Yes, you can order all the products separately when you go to your online account. In our shop, you also buy other additional products.

How can I reorder my Insentials products?
  1. Go to
  2. Log in to your personal login account in the upper right corner.
  3. Go to 'your orders' in the menu
  4. Reorder your supplements
How do I log in?

Go to the homepage and log in via the button in upper right corner, next to the shopping cart. Enter your email address and your password.

I forgot my password. How can I get a new one?

Go to the homepage and try to login into your account via the button in the upper right corner, next to the shopping cart. Click the forgot password link.


Have the products been tested on animals?

No, they have not been tested on animals

Are the products vegan? And Gluten free?

Almost all Insentials supplements are vegan, except for our Smart Insentials, that contains pure omega-3 fatty acids. If you are vegan, please contact us.
They are gluten free.

Are the products natural?

Yes, we only use natural ingredients of the best quality.

Is it possible to try a sample?

No, we don't offer samples.

What is the return policy?

Due to the nature of our products and the personalisation involved, we don't accept any returns.

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